Partner Solutions

Some of the more popular reasons our partners come to us are Training, Adoption & Change Management, Technical training & consultancy and Sales Enablement.

Training, Adoption and Change Management

Training and Adoption services has increased in popularity as partners are increasingly challenged to present more and more value from the products and services they sell. In the new CSP landscape it’s easier than ever to win business from your competitors if you can do this well or to lose it if you perform poorly. After all, the return on investment for a product that no one uses, is 0.

Here are some of the problems we help our partners with:

Our partners often find that they don’t have the bandwidth or experience to create a MS365 Training & Adoption Practice.

Some let us know they consider the time and money spent developing an in-house practice is better invested elsewhere so leverage TRC as a Microsoft Partner that has been delivering in that area for 20 years. This FY there’s a focus on Teams; from governance to usage.

Differentiation in the Market Place is a key priority, adding a MS365 Training and Adoption Practice as a part of your solution generates greater profitability as well as greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. We routinely find that partners that get better adoption from their solutions have customers that spend more on cloud and spend it faster.

We’re asking customers to change or transform and doing that in an unmanaged way causes a host of entirely avoidable problems. Many customers want a partner to support them with the people change as well as the technology change. If a partner doesn’t have these skills in house our PROSCI accredited team provide guidance and support to help you deliver effective change management to your customers.

We offer the following solutions:

MS365 Training & Adoption Practice

Delivered on your behalf and contains all you need:

 Sales - scoping support, market expertise

 Pre-Sales consultancy - adoption strategies, proposals, SOW, RFP support

 Delivery - experienced consultants, materials, Champion Programmes, Onsite/online delivery

 Specialists - PowerBI, EMS, Service Desk training for migration projects

 Competencies - Training (CIPD), Change Management (Prosci)

 Optional focus on Teams

Change Management

As well as offering traditional full change management packages we can also offer a light weight version which we are calling a Kick Starter Change Management Plan, which still enables you to work towards change whilst not committing to lengthy and expensive change management activities.

Technical training & consultancy

Some of the reasons our customers come to us for help include:

Some partners experience a shortage of available skills in new technology areas, such as Azure or EM+S, both a focus for FY20. TRC can help to fill the gaps either temporarily with consultants onsite at your offices or supporting you at your customers location or more permanently with training programs to certify your staff.

To secure Microsoft Competencies, a topic that will be increasingly important in Microsoft FY20. This also promotes staff retention of skilled employees that can be difficult and costly to replace.

We offer the following solutions:

Technical training: Microsoft Official Curriculum

We are an authorised supplier of Microsoft Official Curriculum courses and we have a variety of very experienced MCT trainers whom teach the courses, often in an accelerated fashion to ensure your employees do not spend unnecessary time out of the business.

Technical consultancy

For 20 years our Microsoft Certified Trainers have been advising and accrediting technical professionals to confidently design and implement Microsoft technical solutions. Pease speak with us about your specific requirements.

Exam familiarisation days

Delegates considering Microsoft exams find familiarisation days to be a valuable aid in understanding the level of knowledge required for the exam. These can be tailored towards all of the popular exam pathways.

Sales Enablement

TRC have been helping Microsoft employees and their partners to develop their sales teams for the entirety of our 20-year heritage. We’ve built fantastic relationships and met some incredibly talented people over the years and our team love nothing more than to work closely with a team of sales professionals to help them unlock the value of the Microsoft solution stack with their customers.

Our partners often ask us for help with the following challenges:

The digital landscape is so fast moving that it is incredibly difficult to understand the products in it, their synergies and the conversations you should have as a result. Providing education for Sales Teams with new or evolving products is an ever-present challenge. From our high-level introductory sessions to our O365 to MS365 up selling offering aimed at partners looking to add new offerings to their portfolio, we can support you.

Our partners find it difficult to recruit sales professionals with deep enough knowledge of some of the more technical Microsoft product offerings with Azure being the most commonly discussed technology in this area. TRC can work with your sales team at any level, to develop them over time, to any level you choose.

Getting a new sales team off to a good start is crucial for gaining a return on a sizeable investment. TRC can design and implement a complete Microsoft onboarding sales program to teach new starters the value of effective account management and attach those to Microsoft technologies in a way that is fun and interactive. We pride ourselves on the quality of these programs and the feedback we get from our customers.

The Cloud is an opportunity rich environment, but it can be difficult to unlock that opportunity with a good understanding of how the Microsoft solutions fit together and what the customers roadmap might look like. TRC can train and coach your sales professionals to have “business” conversations that then incorporate products, not the other way around. Our approach combined with our product expertise has led to us supporting the largest partners in the UK with their sales targets.

We offer the following solutions:

Sales training & consultancy

Sales teams need a wide range of skills to be able to engage the customer. Our Consultants will work with you to assess your business objectives and create the optimal sales environment. 

The TRC approach is based on understanding your business objectives, identifying barriers to those objectives and equipping your team with the skills they need to grow your business.

On-boarding solutions

A proactive on-boarding strategy will dramatically reduce the time it takes for a new starters to become a productive members of your sales team. We offer on-boarding solutions that will ensure new starters begin their journey with the relevant skills to drive valuable customer conversations fast!

Product sales training

We are experts in our field when it comes to sales training on Microsoft products, particularly around Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. TRC offers a unique blend of product and sales solutions - we can equip your sellers with an understanding of the product detail and an ability to identify and create sales opportunities.

Mark Smith - GreyMatter