Partner Solutions

Although many businesses recognise the importance of Digital Transformation most have no strategy in place, risking the effectiveness of their technology investments.

Differentiate by adding clear additional value to customers by extending your services to include digital transformation solutions.

Training & Adoption

Studies show that when Office 365 is deployed typically only 20% of its features are used. That’s a huge loss of opportunities to work smarter!

Want to add a MS365 Training & Adoption Practice to you business but don't know where to start? Consider partnering with TRC and we will take care of it!

On Site / Remote Classroom Based Training

We offer employee training in all Office 365 products including Teams & Power BI. 

Each training session is based on an evaluation of the business need and is tailored to compliment the technology adoption project to ensure relevance and usability. 

Online Learning Portal

Our Online Learning Portal delivers hundreds of short training modules all certified by the Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP) Community. 

The portal can extend the reach of the training beyond the classroom whilst providing a very cost-effective ongoing service to customers to cater to the needs of new joiners or employees that change roles, ensuring training is not just a point in time solution.

Change Management

As well as offering traditional full change management packages we can also offer a light weight version which we are calling a Kick Starter Change Management Plan, which still enables you to work towards change whilst not committing to lengthy and expensive change management activities.

Technical Training

At TRC we provide Technical solutions for Azure, Office 365, M365, Windows 10 and EM&S. We can offer bespoke solutions as well as the full range of Microsoft Official Curriculum courses, including the new career focussed pathways.

Microsoft Official Curriculum Courses

We are an authorised supplier of Microsoft Official Curriculum courses and we have a variety of very experienced MCT trainers whom teach the courses, often in an accelerated fashion to ensure your employees do not spend unnecessary time out of the business.

Technical Consultancy

Deployed or about to deploy a new solution? Perhaps you have experienced problems or are concerned about how the process will evolve. Talk to us and our Consultants can spend time with you to support your goals.

Exam Familiarisation Days

Delegates considering Microsoft exams find familiarisation days to be a valuable aid in understanding the level of knowledge required for the exam. These can be tailored towards all of the popular exam pathways.

We can also help you with, Cloud Familiarisation Workshops, Windows Mobility & Security Workshops and Support Desk Training.

Technical Training tends to work best when we fully understand your goals and business outcomes, then we can work with you to ensure that we deliver a solution that will bring the best possible outcomes.

Sales Enablement

Give your sales team the best skills to enable them to engage customers in relevant conversations and spot opportunities for up sell and cross sell.

As Microsoft’s trusted partner for delivering their sales training, we’ve equipped thousands of people with product knowledge and customer scenario insights based on best practice examples.

Sales Consultancy

Sales teams need a wide range of skills to be able to engage the customer. Our Consultants will work with you to assess your business objectives and create the optimal sales environment. 

The TRC approach is based on understanding your business objectives, identifying barriers to those objectives and equipping your team with the skills they need to grow your business.

On-boarding Solutions

A proactive on-boarding strategy will dramatically reduce the time it takes for a new starters to become a productive members of your sales team. We offer on-boarding solutions that will ensure new starters begin their journey with the relevant skills to drive valuable customer conversations fast!

Sales Manager/Account Manager Coaching

Better led and supported sales teams bring about a winning team culture and boosts sales figures, good news all around! TRC Consultants and have years of experience in teaching others proven methods of enabling Sales Managers to support, coach and develop their teams.

Sales Product Training

We are experts in our field when it comes to training on Microsoft products, whether its Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Microsoft 365 or Windows 10. TRC offers a unique blend of product and sales solutions - we can equip your sellers with an understanding of the product detail and an ability to identify and create sales opportunities.

Mark Smith - GreyMatter