MS365 and Teams Adoption & Change Management (ACM)

MS365 and Teams ACM services have increased in popularity as partners are increasingly challenged to present more and more value from the products and services they sell. In the new CSP landscape it’s easier than ever to win business from your competitors if you can do this well or to lose it if you perform poorly. After all, the return on investment for a product that no one uses is zero.

Here are some of the challenges we help our partners with:

 Our partners often find that they don’t have the experience or more commonly the bandwidth to create a MS365 and Teams ACM Practice

 Some let us know they consider the time and money spent developing an in-house practice is better invested elsewhere so leverage TRC as a preferred supplier

 Many customers want a partner to support them with the people change as well as the technology change. If a partner doesn’t have these services in house our Prosci accredited team provide guidance and support to help you deliver ACM solutions for your customers

 Differentiation in the market place is a key priority, adding an MS365 and Teams ACM Practice to your services portfolio generates greater profitability as well as greater customer satisfaction and loyalty

We offer the following solutions:

MS365 and Teams ACM Practice

If you are a Modern Workplace partner and want to offer ACM solutions then this is perfect for you.

 Sales - scoping support, market expertise, consultative approach

 Pre-Sales - adoption & change management strategies, proposals, SOW support, RFP support

 Delivery - experienced & certified consultants (Prosci), Champion Programmes, online delivery

Secure Remote Work Workshop

If you do not have the experience or bandwidth to deliver the Secure Remote Work Workshop as part of the Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program, speak with us about partnering to deliver this solution to your customers.

MS365 & Teams Learning & Development (L&D) consultancy

Microsoft Teams is starting its journey as a L&D platform and is a viable digital skills technology to support customers to 'learn in the flow of work'. Please speak to us about any of your customers L&D requirements.

We offer the following solutions:

MS365 & Teams Learning & Development (L&D) consultancy

Examples include:

Using MS365 & Teams to convert current learning into virtual learning or digital learning

MS365 and Teams as a learning platform

Microsoft Technical Training & Consultancy

Some of the reasons our customers come to us for support include:

 Some partners experience a shortage of available skills in technology areas. TRC can help to fill the gaps either temporarily with consultants or more permanently with training programs to certify your staff.

 To secure Microsoft Competencies, a topic that will be increasingly important in Microsoft FY20. This also promotes technician retention.

We offer the following solutions:

Technical training

Perform a Training Needs Analysis for your technicians to determine their training requirements.

Deliver technical training to cover core MS365 services and concepts to enable your technicians to configure, diagnose and remediate Microsoft 365 technologies.

Collaboration architecture consultancy

Consultancy can be offered on Governance, Information Architecture, Information Management, and ways of working that provide organisations with the basis for best practice information working.

The collaboration architecture also defines the tools that should be used, whether they are the mainstream collaboration tools, e.g. Teams and SharePoint, or tools to assist with good Governance of the environment.

Collaboration Architecture aligns to organisational purpose, business outcomes and the process of achieving those outcomes by department, role, or function as most appropriate.