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Digital transformation works when employees are supported.  We can help by providing digital skills training, technology adoption strategies and Change Management expertise for you and your employees that will bring clear business benefits and increase the ROI of your technology investment.

Talk to us about your business and we will help you to transform.

Training, Adoption and Change Management solutions for IT Managers / IT Directors / CTOs / CIOs

Frustrated IT managers tell us of the struggle they face getting staff to use the technology they have recently deployed. It’s a sad truth that the return on investment of products that aren’t used is zero. We can help

Our customers are hearing about the benefits of Microsoft Teams and its unprecedented growth. The trouble is that they have no plan to introduce it or unlock its potential. We love helping our customers to deploy Teams correctly and use it to its full capability. If you’re not sure where to start, start with TRC.

Our customers often come to us frustrated when well-planned Tech Rollouts are let down by human elements that feel outside their control. We can support change planning to ensure that the human element is planned together with the technology.

We offer the following solutions:

Microsoft Adoption solution

Our adoption solution is built from our training solutions that have been carefully constructed over our 20 years to focus on the business outcomes of your organisation. The very heart of your digital transformation is adoption of your Microsoft technologies.

Examples components include Champion Training and Coaching, Executive Fireside Coaching, Onsite Training, Online Training, Webinar Sessions/Briefings, Service Desk Training and Technical Training & Technical Consultancy. Combining our training solutions into an overall Adoption Plan to show you how to maximise the use of your Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Training solutions: Onsite & Online

We provide training solutions in a variety of formats from traditional onsite sessions to our online learning portal.

Our Online Learning Portal delivers an extremely cost-effective learning solution. Our bitesize video content takes you through hundreds of lessons all certified by the MVP Community. Our Online Portal can be used to make training plans that can work as a standalone or as a compliment to our training solutions.

Change Management

In addition to offering full Change Management packages we can also offer a lightweight cost effective version, our Change Management Kick Starter package that will get you started effectively on your transformation journey, whilst not committing to lengthy and expensive Change Management activities.

Technical training solutions for IT Managers / IT Directors / CTOs / CIOs

With so much “new” Microsoft technology available, it’s hard to understand where the greatest value adds can come from. Power BI? Teams? Flow? Azure? We regularly conduct technology showcases to help IT teams understand the best solutions to meet their needs.

Our technicians regularly provide on site advice on how best to deploy Microsoft technologies to prevent problems in the future. For example, starting out right with Teams (Governance/retention policies etc) is crucial as it can quickly take on a life of its own and create carnage for IT departments and end users!

Our experienced Microsoft Certified Trainers have supported thousands of technicians to grow their skills in advance of supporting new technologies on the service desk.

Whether its an official certification to recognize your teams’ skills or an overview to help hit the ground running, we can support you

We offer the following solutions:

Microsoft Official Curriculum Courses

We can offer MOC training in three different ways, we can offer a full onsite instructor led experience with the option of practice tests or exam vouchers included. We can also offer on demand courses where they are available, which allow you to spread your learning over a longer time but do not have the advantage of a consultant’s knowledge.

Also, we can provide a hybrid of the two styles where the trainee commits to an online learning program but has the added benefit of an online tutor to help them through any problems and provide support.

Technical Consultancy

Perhaps you have deployed or are about to deploy a new solution, but you have experienced problems or are concerned about how the process will evolve.

Talk to us and our Consultants can spend time with you to support your goals.

Exam Familiarisation Days

Delegates considering Microsoft exams find a familiarisation day to be a valuable aid in understanding knowledge required for the exam.

These can be tailored towards all of the popular exam pathways.