Business Solutions - IT Professionals

Frustrated IT professionals tell us of the struggle they face getting staff to use the technology they have recently deployed. It’s a sad truth that the return on investment of products that aren’t used is zero. We can help!

Microsoft training and Adoption & Change Management solutions

Our customers often come to us frustrated when well-planned tech rollouts are let down by human elements that feel outside their control. We can support with change planning to ensure that the human element is planned together with the technology.

We offer the following solutions:

Microsoft training and adoption

Our adoption solution is built from our training solutions that have been carefully constructed over our 20 years to focus on the business outcomes of your organisation. The very heart of your digital transformation is adoption of your Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Change Management

TRC will support you and your organisation with Change Management principles, designing a Change Management plan and providing ongoing coaching and support to implement that plan together

Microsoft technical training & consultancy solutions

Our technicians regularly provide advice on how best to deploy Microsoft technologies to prevent problems in the future. For example, starting out right with Teams (Governance policies) is crucial as it can quickly take on a life of its own and create carnage for IT departments and end users!

Our experienced Microsoft Certified Trainers have supported thousands of technicians to grow their skills in advance of supporting new technologies on the service desk.

Whether its an official certification to recognize your teams’ skills or an overview to help hit the ground running, we can support you

We offer the following solutions:

Technical training

Perform a Training Needs Analysis for your technicians to determine their training requirements.

Deliver technical training to cover core MS365 services and concepts to enable your technicians to configure, diagnose and remediate Microsoft 365 technologies.

Collaboration architecture consultancy

Consultancy can be offered on Governance, Information Architecture, Information Management, and ways of working that provide organisations with the basis for best practice information working.

The collaboration architecture also defines the tools that should be used, whether they are the mainstream collaboration tools, e.g. Teams and SharePoint, or tools to assist with good Governance of the environment.

Collaboration Architecture aligns to organisational purpose, business outcomes and the process of achieving those outcomes by department, role, or function as most appropriate.