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We can support your HR strategies and digital L&D initiatives by providing expertise for you and your employees that will improve employee experience and increase business benefits

HR Business Solutions

In these current times HR is desperately keeping the business going and being asked to step up and find creative solutions without impacting morale.

The main challenges we focus on are:

Diversity and Inclusion is one of the key drivers of an organization’s culture and employee satisfaction, how can technology help?

Employee Engagement - now we are working remotely and in a crisis too. Internal communication can be compromised, and keeping everyone on the same page becomes tough. When the teams are cross-functional, managing and updating them regularly can impact their morale to a great extent.

Employee Experience & Collaboration - The focus on employee productivity and engagement has shifted to immediate responses and diagnosis. To provide employees with the right remote working tools and also gather real-time updates from them to untangle challenges and offer support.

We offer the following solutions:

Employee Engagement, Experience & Collaboration

Our Digital Skills, training, adoption and collaboration solutions have been carefully constructed over our 20 years to focus on the business outcomes of your organisation. The very heart of your people engagement, experience and collaboration is your people and their adoption of your Microsoft workplace technologies.

Diversity & Inclusion consultancy

We work with you to explore creating accessible content and using the key accessibility features built into Microsoft technologies.

L&D Business Solutions

The current climate has created such challenges that an L&D revolution appears inevitable. Emerging from the conversations we are having are the following challenges:

Engaging and training a workforce that is now working remotely.

Equipping managers to manage remote teams.

Move Instructor-Led training online.

L&D training budgets are frozen or reduced.

An increased expectation from businesses to optimise money spent on training and achieve the required results faster.

With this in mind many businesses are looking at how technology already purchased, Microsoft 365 and/or Microsoft Teams, can support these challenges.

We offer Consultancy on Blended Learning, Training Needs Analysis, Social Learning and the following Microsoft solutions:

Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams as a learning platform

Using Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams to convert current learning into virtual learning or digital learning