FREE WEBINAR – Azure Technical Solutions – Tue 5th June 2018

FREE WEBINAR – Azure Technical Solutions – Tue 5th June 2018
Join Andrew Driver of The Readiness Company for a webinar to learn about the benefits of Azure technical solutions.  If you are wanting to look at and build in-house skills on Azure technologies then allow us to demonstrate to you the many benefits that we as a Microsoft Learning Partner can help you to achieve. 

Improve efficiency and productivity. Microsoft Learning Partners can help you get the most out of your organisation’s technology investment.

Prepare for deployment. Skilled training available through Microsoft Learning Partners helps companies accelerate new Microsoft technology deployments and can reduce downtime. Research shows that 40 per cent of operational downtime is due to operator error, attributable to a significant lack of training on core systems.

Employee development, recruiting, and retention.   We believe that development of staff is key to any business outcome.  Effective training and certification are great methods for measuring how well team members can work with specific technologies, hardware, and software.  Certification is key to staff development and retention and having Azure certifications can also add value to your business.

During this webinar we will also cover the two basic steps of migrating initial workloads and then migrating subsequent workloads once you are comfortable with how Azure operates.  We will also look at the reasons why you should migrate to Azure solutions, including the hot topic of security. 

Andrew will also be open to questions that you may have which are preventing you from making the jump to Azure.

Who we are - The Readiness Company (TRC) has been delivering blended learning solutions to Microsoft Partners and customers for over 18 years.  As a Microsoft Learning Partner our consultants are perfectly placed to instil the knowledge and skills to ensure you are achieving the best business value from Microsoft technologies. 
Please feel free to share with colleagues who may also find this webinar useful.
Tuesday 5th June 12.30 (45 mins)
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