The Rise and Fail of the MOOC and how we can help you buck the trend

The Rise and Fail of the MOOC and how we can help you buck the trend

The internet has given us so many opportunities, its changed our lives.  Our social life is recorded on social media, we make friends online, we go to work online and with increasing frequency, we study online.

Online courses have become increasingly popular, these courses are often referred to as MOOC’s (massive open online course).  MOOC’s are provided by many internet learning platforms and can cover a diverse range of topics from Cantonese Opera to Understanding Quantum Computers.  MOOC providers include universities as well as government and corporate organisations.  So, what’s not to love about the MOOC?

The major drawback of MOOC’s is the reliance on the individual to be self-motivated and self-disciplined enough to work through the material and complete the course.  MOOC’s provide the material to learn but do not provide direct interaction and encouragement to put a tick in the course completed box.  There are always the lucky few who possess the perseverance and determination to get to the end of their chosen learning path, however, research shows that these “few” are only 5 – 8% of those who sign up to a MOOC.

By contrast, studies show that if you combine online study with a coaching element then completion rates rise significantly to 85%.  That’s a huge increase which shows that online on-demand flexibility combined with remote coaching is a great way to boost your or your team’s skills.

Microsoft Certifications

For people interested in becoming Microsoft Certified or even updating your skills without formal certification we can offer Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) which we can combine with our remote coaching services to provide you with a great option for boosting your knowledge.

At TRC we have been delivering tailor-made business changing learning solutions to Microsoft Partners for over 17 years.  If you are looking to complete a Microsoft Official Curriculum course whether OnDemand or onsite, then we are the people you need to speak to!  Because we are experts in Learning & Development, we understand how people learn and we can provide you with the tools you need to enable you to succeed.

Our online/telephone coaching can offer you these benefits

  • Orientation to familiarise candidates with the course
  • An Introduction to the course, how to log in and get started
  • Agree on a study plan to keep your team on track and help you stay in touch with their progress
  • Help to book exams if you choose to add certification

We have recently expanded our course offerings, we also have many onsite training courses and we are more than happy to work with your business to develop a bespoke course for you.  Take a look at what we offer, talk to us about your business and let’s see how we can help you develop and grow.

View our Microsoft Sales Enablement, Microsoft Technical Training, and Microsoft Office 365 Adoption Services and Training packages.


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