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In this new digital era, many companies are now looking to digital transformation as an opportunity to grow and transform their business.

We offer learning and development services for clients which fall into 3 main categories, set out below and these cover ‘ready-to-go’ (Readiness) services, ‘let’s Partner and help your customers to consume the latest technology’ (Change Management) services or ‘what do you need’? (Tailored) services.

Below provides a brief overview of these services, which you can click for further details or please give us a call or complete our contact form:-

1. Readiness Services (Click for further details)

TRC has created a wide array of Microsoft sales and technical knowledge transfer workshops for Microsoft Partners or their customers, whether you’re looking for IT fundamentals training for your new recruits (graduates, new starters, etc…), or refreshing and up-skilling the capabilities of your existing sellers, or maybe looking to provide best case technical advice to your customers, TRC can deliver the latest Microsoft sales and technical knowledge on cloud services.

2. End-User Training & People Change Management Services (Click for further details)

This through-Partner (To customer) service delivery from TRC offers a new strategic partnership with high potential Microsoft Managed Partners looking for an end-user readiness programme, to help your customers to optimise their workforce with the latest cloud services. We will help you to market and sell TRC training services like our proven 4D’s approach, focussing on behavioural changes that will drive adoption of Microsoft technologies and our more in-depth business transformation consultancy services, where this presents a good fit and commercial opportunity for both of our organisations.

3. Tailored Services (Click for further details)

TRC has been developing bespoke programmes for our clients for over 10 years and this option is available for companies who are looking for a programme that is a unique for their situation. We can create a distinctive solution for your specific needs and objectives e.g. If you’re looking to transform your business, such as establishing a new cloud services practice or setting up a new business team or if you want to move your transactional sellers to a more solution / cloud sales skillset. Maybe you’re looking to support your customers to increase their usage and consumption of the Microsoft technology they have purchased from you… TRC can help you!

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